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Start Enjoying The Lifestyle-Enhancing Benefits
Of The Most Advanced Laser Vision Correction Procedure

Using a unique combination of the most advanced technology, the iLASIK procedure is a fast, safe and proven way for you to get the exceptional vision quality you’ve always dreamed of.

Nearly 290 million people worldwide are good candidates for the iLASIK procedure, meaning that for many, there’s no reason to wait any longer for the lifestyle-changing benefits of laser vision correction.

A lot of people have had successful iLASIK™, but as many as 10 times that number are good candidates that are waiting. Some people are waiting because they don't think they can afford it. Others are unaware of the true safety of the procedure. But most people are waiting simply because they lack the right information. The introduction of the iLASIK™ procedure means the wait is over and it's simple:

1. Most people are candidates — make an appointment and have an exam.
2. iLASIK™ technology is safe and proven.
3. You can afford it, let us show you how.
4. The iLASIK™ procedure is not complicated — it's fast and virtually painless.

25 Mar 2010
US military the vanguard in refractive surgery research and implementation

More than 312,000 laser refractive procedures performed in the U.S. Air Force, Army and Navy have provided invaluable insight about laser refractive surgery to both military and civilian communities.

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03 Mar 2010
Testimonial: Mr Roodt

I am an ophthalmologist from Johannesburg who I recently underwent the iLasik laser vision correction procedure to correct shortsightedness and astigmatism in both eyes.

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Q: Will I be awake during the procedure?

A. You ARE AWAKE during the LASIK™
, but you may be given
medication to relax.

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